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The Two Major Social Networking Sites

The two major social networking sites are Facebook and Twitter and chances are good that you already belong to at least one of them. While the sites are very similar in some ways they offer different incentives.

Both sites also allow users to connect with other people in real time, share images, engage in private messages and post status updates.

Facebook: Facebook launched in 2004 and has over 955 million user. Just about every person, business and/or hobby on this earth has a facebook page. It would be a good thing for you to look into obtaining a personal facebook page as well as fan pages for your law practice.

Twitter: Twitter is a microblogging system where usesrs are able to post updates that are under 140 characters long. These are known as "Tweets." In addition, this site allows users to add a real time feed of their tweets to their website as well as connect Twitter to share on other social networking sites.

Other Social Networking Sites

There are a variety of available social networking sites each with their features and functions that could be useful to your legal practice.

You may want to consider checking out sites that are just for lawyers or look into more general sites such as Google+. While these sites may not currently have the high number of members that are shared by Facebook and Twitter they do have certain merits that may prove useful.

For example Google+ has video chat capabilities which is useful for starting and sharing a webinar.