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Television Marketing

There's at least one television set in almost all American houses so as a medium it's an incredible way to reach all different types of people. It can also however be an incredibly expensive way to reach people if you're thinking about marketing via commercials. Unless you're willing for your ad to only air at off hours or on obscure stations, the price tag for a traditional commercial can prove to be too much, and that's before you consider the cost to actually film and produce the commercial. Therefore, you may want to consider making television appearances or even create your own content.

Television appearances can be a great way to market your practice. Rather than focusing only on large talk shows which may have incredibly specific guidelines and experts that they defer to, you may instead want to focus on more local shows and news programs. The benefits of this are twofold in the sense that they're likely filmed close to where you practice and they're the best way to target local interest.

Creating your own content can be a great way to ensure that your exact brand message gets across to a television audience. Look at purchasing air time on a public access channel or working with a company such as Roku to create a digital channel that can be viewed on television.