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Radio Marketing

When thinking about radio marketing don't consider just buying ad space during one of the more popular shows. Radio can be an amazing way to market your practice by offering to appear as a guest on shows.

Radio advertising prices can prove to be relatively expensive, especially if you have a new practice and your marketing budget is not incredibly high. In this vein, you have to seriously consider what stations that you're choosing to advertise on. For example, college radio stations may offer incredibly cheap rates but if your market is made up primarily of older clients it'll be a waste of money to buy ad space there. Your money is also wasted whenever your client market isn't being reached.

Another way to potentially market your practice on radio is by appearing as a guest on a radio program. Before agreeing to do so consider factors such as when it airs, who the demographic is and the type of show it is. You will want to be sure that your market is reached as you will be taking time out of your scheudle to do this interview.