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An Overview of Social Sharing Sites

Social sharing sites offer a unique opportunity for lawyers to connect with both their peers and potential clients because the main purpose of such sites is to share information that you find relevant or interesting. Sites like YouTube and Ustream allow users to post videos, and the latter allows for live shows where a simultaneous chat can take place as well. Sites like Pinterest are visual bookmarking services which let you showcase sites that you select as relevant.

Video sharing sites are good places to upload content from past seminars you gave or to post tips and lessons.

Visual bookmarking sites can include links back to your own website but should also include links to sites that your practice is passionate about. For example if you're a real estate lawyer dealing with residential law you may want to bookmark sites that provide tips for home buyers or if you're an entertainment lawyer who works with independent musicians you may have links on where to buy sheet music.

While they work differently from social networking sites you essentially want to treat social sharing sites the same way in the sense that you want your profile to be a professional looking extension of your brand and your primary goals should be providing information, inviting people to receive additional relevant content and interacting whenever possible.