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Developing a Professional Profile

Having a professional profile is key on any social networking site. Consider this profile as an extension of your brand and as such it should reflect the best aspects of your practice. Avoid adding elements that can seem juvenile such as animated graphics and stay away from the games that are included.

Keep in mind that there are three things that you should be doing as a part of any social networking site and those things will work together to create the strongest profile possible:

1) Provide information. Give the people reading your status updates information that's useful and valuable.

2) Extend invitations. Invite the people reading your status updates to get more information on other sites such as your blog or website. Or even invite them to physical events such as book signings.

3) Interact with other people. Make relevant comments on status updates, and respond when people comment on statements you make.

Also be sure to provide ways for people to reach you in the event that they do need your services. Include your websites address, your office hours and phone number and any relevant links.