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Using Your Website as a Way to Draw Clients

The website for your practice doesn't have to the best site ever designed but it should perfectly convey what you do, who you are and your brand messaging. With all of the available choices in terms of color, design and add on features it can be frustrating to try and figure out where the focus should be.

The answer: The focus needs to be on what you can do for the client and the ways in which you can efficiently and effectively accomplish those tasks. Here are some tips to help ensure that your website helps draw in clients:

1. Clear Domain Name: The domain name should be clear.It's better to have a domain name that's long and clear than one that's short and confusing. could either lead you to the site of a sullen guitar player chronicling the many ways in which he tries to avoid practicing with his band or the site of lawyer J.J. Burns.

On the other hand a site like (which may be where J.J. Burns practices law) immediately lets people know what type of lawyer the site belongs to.

2) Search Engine Optimization: Make sure the SEO is appropriate. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, this is how well your site is recognized and ranked by search engines. If this is a new concept for you then hire a professional to review your site and if necessary have them optimize it for maximized website views and the best placement possible.

Be forewarned there are plenty of people who claim to be able to provide SEO services who are either lying or willing to be otherwise unethical.

To avoid getting scammed be aware that flash websites aren't SEO friendly, it's impossible to buy your way to the top of the results list and practices such as keyword stuffing can result in penalties.

Also, be aware that Tables, Photos and HTML Frames are not SEO friendly as well.

3) Content: Content is king. People are visiting your website because they want information. So provide them with the best, most up to date information possible.