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Online Newsletters

Newsletters are an amazing way to connect with potential clients and showcase your legal knowledge. And they're proven as being successful, possibly because they only go to individuals who've opted to receive them. Newsletter have two main components that you should be concerned with, their content and their distribution.

Content is incredibly important. Since you have a limited amount of space in a newsletter you want to be sure that you're conveying the information that's most important and most compelling. Share things such as amended office hours, the move of a physical location or any ways that people can connect with you in the public such as an open house for your practice. You want to avoid the heavy usage of legal jargon and keep the overall look and feel clean and professional.

In considering distribution you need to consider both ways to legitimately grow the mailing list and make sure that you're using a delivery system or service that can handle your contacts if they expand. In terms of growing the mailing list you may want to post snippets of some of the stories on your blog or social networking page and then let people know if they want to read more that they can subscribe to the mailing list. In asking people to subscribe you'll want to be explicit about how frequently they'll receive the newsletter email. Don't buy email lists. The people on those lists didn't ask for your content and as a result will more than likely view it as spam. In terms of handling growth compare the plans offered by reputable services that handle newsletter and mass email mailing campaigns.