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The "Write" Way to Become an Expert

Blogs, articles and books can all be great ways to help establish your expertise. And because they all involve varying levels of commitment no matter what your schedule is you can commit to doing at least once of these things and be assured that you'll be able to complete it and convey your knowledge in the process.

Blog postings can either be for your own website, or worked out as a guest post on another site. Before starting your own blog be sure that you have the time to dedicate to it so that you can make regular updates. You don't want to start a blog without a clear game plan that includes what days of the week you plan on posting, what topics you'll cover and what your back-up plan for content is in the event that you become too busy to keep writing. If you want to guest blog, make sure that you do your research and be sure that the market reached by the main blogger is the same market that you're trying to reach.

Articles can be a great way to contribute content without having to make a huge commitment in the sense that it isn't something that you'll need to do on a regular schedule. You will however need to meet deadlines so make sure that there are no conflicts before you commit. Your articles can be published in print or online depending on the outlet you choose or submit to. When you have some free time take the opportunity to search for all of the relevant newspapers, magazines and websites that may be interested in your work and keep an updated list of these resources.

Books can be the most time consuming of all writing projects. While the final product can be incredibly rewarding it's not something which should be undertaken without careful consideration. Be sure to think about if you have enough material for a book, enough time to actually craft one from draft to final product and how you plan on having the book produced in the end.

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